Letters from Lightstone: Sites and Sounds of Israel, Part 11

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Follow ZoomerMedia’s Marilyn Lightstone as she travels to Israel this summer to bring you first-hand coverage of this culturally-rich country. In this dispatch, she sends a letter to her friend Simon Sperber.

Dear Simon,

When you are next in Israel, you must head to Ilana Gur’s Museum/home in Jaffa! The ancient building which houses it is an experience in itself, and she has crammed it top to bottom not only with her own powerful work, but that of famous artists like Henry Moore, Giacometti, and African art, which she values highly.

I think the one that affected me the most, however, is the rear portrait of Golda Meir which was hung too high for me to see the name of the painter. I think it’s the perfect portrait although you can see neither her face nor her eyes.


More to come…


Marilyn Lightstone is the host of the nightly radio series Nocturne on the New Classical 96.3 (a ZoomerMedia property).