Travel: What to Pack

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Sleep Aid
Arbonne’s Essentials Sleep Well Spray is stocked with melatonin, chamomile and valerian and may help abate the jet lag that comes with crossing two time zones or more by helping you get to sleep more quickly once you’ve reached your destination.

Leg Up
We’ve all heard what long flights can do to your circulation. Here’s a solution: RejuvaHealth’s compression technology, in socks for men, and socks, tights or leggings for women. Controlled pressure also relieves swelling and fatigue – you may even arrive feeling more energized. After a long haul to New Zealand, we certainly did.; 877-773-5882

The Genius Pack wheeled carry-on suitcase has labelled compartments for your socks, undergarments, even your devices’ chargers, plus a garment bag, exterior pockets for an umbrella and water bottle and laundry technology, which uses a special air valve to compress dirty clothes into a separate bag on the interior of the case. And if you tend to forget things, there’s a checklist stamped on the inside of the case.