Concerned about your Air Miles?

Most Canadians who like to travel collect Air Miles or some other sort of travel promotion points program, but the recent takeover of Canadian Airlines by Air Canada has created some doubts about the future. The Loyalty Group, the company that runs the Air Miles program, has reassured consumers with a strong statement about what to expect.

The company says that “the merger between Air Canada and Canadian Airlines has no impact on Collectors’ Air Miles account balances or on consumers’ ability to collect and redeem their reward miles.” The company stresses that as Canada’s airline industry restructures, The Loyalty Group’s contract with Canadian Airlines remains in place.

Consumers should also not that the Air Miles Reward Program is a separate company, not affiliated with Canadian Airlines. It is not a frequent flyer program, but a shopping reward program. Air Miles also says that it is continuing to book domestic flights on Canadian Airlines, Canada 3000, and Air Montreal and international flights on four other airline partners: American Airlines, KLM, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines.

The company also notes that confidential discussions with airline representatis have begun. Air Miles says that it is “confident that these discussions will result in a new partnership that will benefit consumers.”