Put your head in the clouds

A wise man once told me that if you’re going to dream, dream big. The next time you’re crammed into a children’s sized seat and desperately trying to get the flight attendant’s attention, dream of your own private plane. But don’t think of a measly Cessna, a lame Lear, or even the latest Gulfstream. Think big, and think Boeing!

Suppose you finally win that big lottery. Take a mere $35 million (U.S.) and buy yourself a real plane: the Boeing Business Jet, a new version of the venerable Boeing 737. In addition to seats as big as you want, you’ll also get more than 800 square feet of interior space to design to fit your needs. Beds, bars, office space, a small movie theatre perhaps, the choice is all yours to make that hop down the Bahamas entertaining and comfortable. And as an industry spokesman points out, once you’ve arrived, your plane can serve as your home away from home, saving you hundreds of dollars in hotel and restaurant bills.

Boeing has already sold 46 of the planes, to the usual assortment of petroleum potentates and corporate consortia. Many customers have lacked the imagination of the true dreamer, however, and filled their 800 square feet with board rm tables and plenty of extra seats for the accounting department.

Boeing’s sales office can be easily located in the Seattle area, should you chance to win the big one. A word of warning, though: you’ll need at least another $10 million (U.S., again) to outfit your pleasure palace, as the $35 million price tag only covers the unpainted plane with an aluminum interior. On the other hand, think of all the new friends you’ll make.