Remembering Woodstock

If you can’t remember Woodstock, either because you actually were there or because of advancing age (or both), you can relive the experience this summer, as the venerable music and art fair celebrates its – wait for it – 30th anniversary.

Rome, New York is the site for the event, which promises a wide selection of musical acts that run the gamut of age groups and musical genres, everything from Willie Nelson and Aerosmith to The Tragically Hip and Fatboy Slim. Organizers say they expect 250,000 people at the three day festival, set for July 23 at Griffiss Park, a former air force base located about 50 miles west of Albany, New York.

Organizers say that security and safety are the top priority for Woodstock 99, and gate crashers who hope to replicate the experience of 1969 will be deterred by a 12 foot plywood fence (backed with steel girders) that runs the entire perimeter of the venue. As they say, if you don’t have a ticket, don’t come. Some things have definitely changed since the summer of ’69.

Woodstock ’99 also features two main stages providing simultaneous entertainment, an arts village, a film festival, experimental theatre, a concessions village, beer gardens,cology displays, craft demonstrations, a technology park and video walls. —