Size matters at holiday resorts

Overweight travellers can feel uncomfortable in a variety of situations. Yet as the population ages and the percentage of overweight Canadians rises, more of us are finding that we have some extra pounds that come along with us on vacation.  Does that mean skipping the beach and the scuba diving and settling for a sedate tour?  No way.

A new resort has a solution if you’re uncomfortable on the beach.  Mexico’s Freedom Paradise has created a size-friendly vacation club in its Riviera Maya resort on the Carribean peninsula of Yucatan.  “Overweight guests won’t feel embarassed here,” says Freedom Paradise’s Jurriaan Klink.

Freedom Paradise caters to those who avoid beach destinations because of their size. The hotel offers sturdy furnishings and larger beds. Those physically unable to climb stairs are given ground-floor rooms.  The pools are easily accessible, and they have a secluded beach. “The resort is strictly for having a vacation. Enjoy the beach, enjoy the sun, enjoy the Carribean,” Klink says.

You don’t have to be overweight to enjoy the resort, either.  Many of the modificaons are useful for older travellers as well – grab bars in the showers, ramps, and sturdy, larger furniture. 

For those considering a different trip in the sun – to Walt Disney World – there is an Internet resource worth checking out before you go.  The Disney World at Large page is not an official website of the Walt Disney Company, but has a comprehensive look at how overweight guests may enjoy the rides and attractions, trip reports from overweight enthusiasts, and more.