Travel tips: Check your luggage

Buying expensive baggage may be among the most foolhardy things a traveler can do. Not only will your beautiful Louis 14th bag get trashed and dented on its maiden voyage, it earmarks you as a traveler who has something worth stealing. Stick with practical and durable luggage that is much more likely to arrive intact. Spend your savings on an extra day in the sun.

Expandable, softsided luggage is your best bet if you’ll be lugging back a load of souvenirs, while hard side bags offer more protection for delicate items. Many people love the back-saving feature of bags with wheels, but remember that some airlines won’t accept responsibility for wheels broken in transit.

^Make sure all of your bags are labelled inside and out, and if possible use your work address and phone number for security reasons. When you think about it, your address isn’t really necessary to get your luggage back to you, but it can help thieves find an empty house. Locked bags won’t stop most thieves, but they may select an unlocked bag over yours.