Travel tips: Get a good seat

You could book a whole row, but that can be expensive. Otherwise, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the crowds and noise during your journey.

If you can choose between several flights, ask which is the least crowded. If you’re travelling with just one other person, you can take a small risk and ask for aisle and windows in the same row and side. Chances are the middle seat won’t get used, and you’ll get the whole row. Of course, you could end up separated by someone who actually likes the middle seat!

It can also be wise get a seat in the center section toward the back of the plane, since the side sections near the front fill up first. And you can always ask the gate agent to seat you next to an empty seat if one is available.

If you want a kid-free travel experience, ask for a seat in the row with the emergency exit. On many planes, this also gives you a lot more leg room.

And, last but not least: don’t be shy! If you see an empty seat you want after the plane has boarded, ask the flight attendant if you can move. They can only say no.