Save on long distance when you travel – take your home phone line with you

For many Canadians who travel regularly or for extended periods, staying in touch with family and friends can become a costly endeavour. Long distance charges and cell phone roaming fees quickly add up — even with a premium calling plan — which is why many frequent travellers are turning to Internet Phone Service like Vonage phone service.

How does Vonage phone service work?
Vonage phone service works just like a traditional phone service, except calls travel over the Internet instead of a dedicated phone line. Vonage allows you to make and receive calls using a high-speed Internet connection and your existing touchtone phone. Your voice is converted into data so your call can be sent over the Internet.

This voice conversion happens in a small box, about the size of a paperback novel, called a phone adapter. To start making and receiving calls, simply plug your phone and your high-speed Internet connection into the Vonage phone adapter.

Every call is like calling from home
Your phone number lives in your phone adapter. Take the adapter with you anywhere in the world you travel, an every call you make to anywhere in North America is a local call. What’s more, friends and family can dial your local phone number and can reach you – even if you’re half way around the world – with no extra long distance charges. And don’t forget, Vonage’s flat rate North American call plans are considerably cheaper than cellular or traditional phone service, so you can call as many people as you like and talk for as long as you wish.

Try the world’s first phone on a keychain
For even more versatility Vonage customers can now also travel with their phone service on their key chain. The Vonage V-Phone is a portable multifunctional USB device that contains the Vonage service. You simply connect the VPhone into the USB port on any notebook or desktop computer and you have phone service.

Turn your PC or laptop into a phone away from home
Highly versatile, Vonage phone service also enables you to turn your desktop or notebook computer into your telephone without the need for a phone or phone adapter. From the Vonage web site you can download what is called a SoftPhone. The SoftPhone turns the computer screen into a “virtual” telephone keypad. With the click of a mouse and with the help of your computer speakers, you can make a call, receive a call and pick up voicemail messages.

Is Internet phone service right for you?
If you travel frequently or for long periods and are tired of expensive phone bills, then Vonage phone service is the ideal solution.

Joan and Henry are retired teachers who live in Toronto. They own a vacation home in Florida where they spend most of the winter months. In the summer, they spend most of their time at their cottage in Northern Ontario. In both cases, the couple relies on email and phone calls to stay in touch with family and friends in Toronto.

Say goodbye to multiple phone lines
In the past, Joan and Henry had separate phone lines for each residence. However, with their Vonage phone service they are able to carry their local home phone number with them wherever they go in the world. Once they reach their destination, they simply connect their touchtone phone and adapter to their high-speed Internet connection. Because the Vonage phone adapter is compact and light-weight, they can easily take it with them from place to place.

When they want to speak to their daughter back in Toronto, they simply dial as if it was a local call — there’s no need to dial “1” before the area code. And when their daughter wants to reach her parents, she just calls them at their home number, like they were at their home around the corner. Regardless of where Henry and Joan are in the world it is still a local call for their daughter.

Now Joan and Henry don’t have to wait for special occasions to call their grandchildren and friends. Nor do their loved ones have to worry about incurring long distance charges when they call them. For this couple – and thousands of other Canadians like them – Vonage phone service is the perfect solution.

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