Grey County, Ontario: My Winter Playground

When I was a young boy, my family headed for the Blue Mountains in Grey County almost every weekend. We all thought that skiing was absolutely the greatest winter sport. That’s why I went on to compete in skiing. We loved the fact that it was an outdoor activity and great for your fitness, but also the fact that we met so many good friends – people who came from all over Southern Ontario to ski right here in Grey County.

skiingThe skiing was great, but it wasn’t as good then as it is now. Snowmaking has made all the difference and the grooming is so much better. What brings so many people to Grey County today is that you can stay in a resort right at the foot of the greatest and highest ski area in all of Ontario. Close by, you’ll find some of the finest cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and even dog sledding in the province. Add great restaurants and excellent shopping, and you’ve got something for everyone here in the winter.

I told my parents when I was a youngster that I wanted to be the best ski racer in the world. Of course I came from Ontario – I didn’t come from Western Canada or from the biggest mountains in the world. Yet I became an Olympian and a World Cup Downhill winner. People say, “How did you do it? You only skied in Ontario.” That’s right. I skied in Grey County. I skied on smaller hills, but you know what? We had guaranteed snow, perfect coaches, and I had great fun right here.

My family has lived in Grey County for twenty two years now. This was the place we decided to call home once I retired from competitive skiing and stopped travelling around the world. We came here because of the mountains, but we stayed here because of all the great things there are to do in Grey County all year round – winter, spring, summer and fall.

Ten years ago my mother and father left the city and moved up to Grey County. My dad, at 78, is now riding his bicycle every day, going for long walks and cross-country skiing. My mother has never been as active as she is right now at 80 years old. I think the move from the city to Grey County has been the greatest thing ever for my parents.

ski resort at nightMost people come up to Grey County to ski, and that’s the primary activity here in the winter. But once they get here, they discover all the other great things you can do in Grey County – like cross-country skiing at Scenic Caves Nordic Centre or the Sawmill Trails in Hepworth, snowshoeing on the Bruce Trail or at Kolapore Uplands, snowmobiling from Blue Mountain to Walters Falls, or even trekking around Inglis Falls near Owen Sound. Grey County has so much to offer. It isn’t just about skiing anymore.

Grey County is where I live, work and have fun. It’s my winter playground!

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