The Boathouse (Kits Beach), Vancouver

Nobody does seafood quite like The Boathouse. Which could be why new properties are popping up throughout BC in epic proportions. Naturally, Kits Beach was next in line, clocking in at Boathouse number seven. This outpost replaces the old Watermark (sigh) our old office (in a weird aside/trivia/coincidence, a Boathouse in Toronto was bought and re-named Watermark at exactly the same time. But, the two aren’t related, or even knew of each other’s existence).

While there’s nothing terribly original about this new location, visitors can expect (and are looking forward to) the classic Boathouse look and taste (read: template). With the lakeside patio with a view of the gorgeous Kitsilano Beach, it doesn’t really matter what the interior looks like. In the summer, the beachside covered patio emulates a California look, to certain degrees of success. In the winter, enjoy a cup of coffee and Baileys while the patio gets heated up. Or just sit inside. The interior is cozy with warm neutrals, hardwood accents, nautical decor – it’s like a mix of a ski chalet and a houseboat (hence the name).

Menu features the seafood classics the lobster ravioli, cedar plank maple wild B.C salmon, or the mountain of seafood aka the Boathouse bouillabaisse with wild salmon, halibut, scallops, mussels, Alaskan king crab, and fingerling potatoes with a rich tomato broth (this may be one of those plates you get to share). If you’re not a fish fan, there’s a meat menu with fire-grilled sirloin or the tenderloin filet. For vegetarians, options are limited to salads, matchstick potatoes, or the vegetarian miso linguine. Group lunches and dinners are available, plus a kids menu and dessert menu with everything from an apple and sundried cranberry crisp to a crème brûlée or sourdough bread pudding.

See, seafood isn’t just for old people who need to get their omega-3. The young, alive, and hip kids of Kitsilano can have their fish and eat it too, alongside a pitcher of beer on a sunny patio, the way it was originally intended.

1305 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6J 5N2
604 738-KITS (5487)
Mon-Thurs – 11am-10pm, Fri – 11am-midnight, Sat – 9am-midnight, Sun – 9am-10pm, Sat/Sunday Brunch – 9am-2pm
Cuisine – Seafood
Area – Kitsilano
Price – $$$ (Within Reach)

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