Israel – warm your body and soul this winter

There is no place on earth like Israel. Imagine traveling to a destination that is rooted in history and steeped in spirituality, while at the same time possessing fast-paced urban culture and nightlife; great hotels and restaurants; and is home to some of the world’s most outstanding natural wonders. With warm days and cool nights, winter is for many the ideal season to tour Israel.

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More and more people are making Israel their travel destination and a record number of Canadians visited Israel in 2010. EL AL Airlines can create an Israel adventure that matches your interests, meets your budget and allows you to experience Israel’s many incredible locales.

JerusalemJerusalem, Israel’s capital, is replete with history and spirituality boasting sites that are key to three of the world’s major religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are represented respectively by the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock. Alongside Jerusalem’s fascinating historic and archeological sites, there are modern tourist attractions for lovers of culture, the arts, theatre and music, architecture and gastronomic delights.

Tel Aviv was recently chosen as one of the world’s top ten travel destinations by Lonely Planet in its Best in Travel 2011. According to Lonely Planet, “Tel Aviv reveals itself as a truly diverse 21st-century Mediterranean hub.” It has more than 20 museums and hosts both the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera Company. Tel Aviv is also a centre of nightlife and is filled with nightclubs, dancing, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, discotheques, and movie theatres. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv’s beaches are often very pleasant in the winter and a walk down the waterfront promenade is always romantic.

No winter vacation in Israel would be complete without a trip south to the Dead Sea and its surrounding attractions. The lowest point on Earth at 400 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea has been chosen as a finalist in the selection of the seven new wonders of nature. You can float on and be healed by the Sea that has the highest concentration of salt of any body of water on Earth. The resorts and spas in the area will pamper you and the hotels and restaurants will delight. The Dead Sea region also boats other great natural and historic sites like Massada, the waterfalls of Ein Gedi and the Qumran caves.

Eilat is Israel’s southern most city and is regarded as Israel’s winter playground. December temperatures are often in the low 30’s, providing the opportunity to spend a couple of days soaking in the sun. With its tropical Red Sea location, the bay is one of the major attractions, thanks to the beautiful beaches, the developed water sports and some of the best diving spots in the world. EL AL offers free flights to Eilat from Tel Aviv for those traveling round trip to Israel from Canada .

Your winter vacation in the Israel can be fully facilitated by EL AL. With a wide variety of air, hotel, drive and touring packages, EL AL can create a winter vacation that will fit your budget and keep your soul warm throughout the season. Visit EL AL Airlines for more info or call EL AL at 1-800-361-6174.

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