3 things you must declare at the border

(NC)—Ensure that the goods accompanying you on your travels won’t be confiscated at the border.

• Certain food, plant or animal products are prohibited from entering Canada because of emerging threats. Check www.inspection.gc.ca before you travel for up-to-date travel advisories.

• You must declare all weapons and firearms at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) port of entry when you enter Canada. If not, you could face prosecution and the goods may be seized.

• If you’re importing or exporting monetary instruments such as coins, cash, cheques, draft notes and money orders equal to, or greater than, $10,000 (or the equivalent in a foreign currency), you must report this to the CBSA when you arrive in Canada or before you leave.

You can buy limited amounts of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages free of duty and taxes, but there are also limits to the amount of goods you can buy outside the country depending on how long you’ve been away. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your personal exemptions before you travel so you don’t get stuck paying unexpected duty at the border.

The CBSA has posted information on personal exemptions and declarations at www.cbsa.gc.ca/traveltips. Brushing up before you travel will avoid delays at border crossings and get you home faster.

Source: www.newscanada.com