Come Fly With Me

FOR ITS 25th ANNIVERSARY celebrations, Air Transat introduced new cabin interiors in its Airbus 330. To help flyers adjust to transitions through various stages of flight, roomier, ergonomically designed leather seats and personal entertainment systems as well as enhanced mood lighting en route to European destinations have been installed.

Happy birthday, Air Canada! The airline recently turned 75 years young and, to remind us that flying was once, perhaps, a glamorous way to travel, the company created an online timeline of when bright lights such as Grace Kelly (centre left), Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope took to the skies via the airline right up to U2 climbing aboard an emblazoned jet for their 2005 Vertigo Tour. Rock on! 

WestJet has just introduced twice-weekly direct flights from Toronto to Liberia, Costa Rica, and weekly flights from Calgary to Manzanillo, Mexico, through April 2013.