Bug Off!

Whether you call your summer home the camp, cabin, cottage, shack or, simply, the lake, biters are guaranteed unwelcome guests. Here, some au natural options to deter the little buggers.

Five years ago, Calgary-based homeopath Erin Bosch developed an oral therapy for her clients after “stumbling across” staphysagria, a substance that blood-sucking insects – including mosquitos, ticks and bedbugs – find abhorrent.

It sold out every summer so she developed Mozi-Q, a chewable, non-toxic, all-natural and fast-acting tablet (it starts working within 30 minutes).

New to Canada is Natrapel, a botanical formula from the folks who brought us After Bite treatment. The spray repellent, which offers up to six hours of protection, uses oil of lemon eucalyptus to help ward off insects, which, evidently, turn up their noses at the scent.

Speaking of aroma, Aromaflage is an exotic, botanical fragrance that doubles as insect deterrent. The makers, an American couple, discovered it while travelling through Southeast Asia – the scent was the secret as to why locals didn’t ever seem pestered. Mozi-Q, $10 (pack of 10), go to www.mozi-q.com for retailers; Natrapel, $9, Walmart, Rexall, London Drugs; Aromaflage, from $30, Innate Wellness, Toronto, www.aromaflage.com.


Zoomer magazine, July/Aug 2014