How to Pack Like a Pro

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When it comes to packing, less is definitely more. Here are 8 easy tips to cut back and travel smart.

Ah, the joys of modern travel. With many airlines piling on restrictions for carry-on bags – not to mention hefty fees for checked baggage – it makes more sense than ever to lighten the load.

Click through for some basic packing tips to travel smart.


Wear your bulkiest clothes when you’re travelling — your heavy walking shoes, your raincoat and maybe a sweater.


Make sure your wardrobe is completely colour-coordinated. If it doesn’t fit with your two or three colour palette, it doesn’t deserve to travel. You can add a splash of colour with a scarf or belt.

It can rain even in the Caribbean and Hawaii. A small fold-up umbrella will be a welcomed travelling companion.

Pack underwear in sturdy freezer bags and compress the air out of them when you pack. Bring along a second bag for dirty laundry.

Ladies: leave the shoes at home. Sorry, but you honestly do not need 12 pairs of shoes for a one week cruise! Three pairs (such as walking, dress and sandals) should be sufficient, unless you are Paris Hilton, in which case you don’t worry about heaving your suitcase around anyway.

Another great tip for female travellers. You cannot go wrong with a pair of black pants. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down. Perfect for an unanticipated dressy occasion.

Pack only travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc. At time of writing there were restrictions on sizes of liquids and gels in hand luggage. If you’re worried about running out of your favourite shampoo, just pack two small containers of it.

A pair of socks and lightweight gloves can be a lifesaver if the weather goes unexpectedly cool (and the socks are great to keep your feet toasty during your flight).