This is us. Here, evoking Canada through its literary soul.

The writer Rudy Wiebe once said, "Only the stories we tell each other can create us as a true Canadian people." Through these following fragments – a minuscule sampling, let it be said – some of our country's talented fiction writers capture its history (the good and the bad), its landscape, its passions, its diversity and, yes, even its weather, creating a mosaic of this beautiful and complicated country

Scroll through for excerpts from some of the most iconic Canadian literature of all time.


What a land. What power these rivers were already yielding, far beyond her sight. Even a map of this country – lines arranged in an arbitrary way on a long rectangular piece of paper – stirs the imagination beyond imagination, she thought, looking at the map, as other lines differently arranged in relation to each other have not the power to stir. Each name on the map says, "We reached this point, by broken trail and mountains and water; and when we reached it, thus and thus we named it. —Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson, New Canadian Library

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