She’s Still Making the World a Better Place: A Conversation With Primatologist Jane Goodall

At 86, she is still making a difference.

The world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has recently teamed up with Manitoba Sen. Murray Sinclair to introduce a law to protect captive animals and ban imports of elephant ivory and hunting trophies into Canada.

The law, if passed, would ban zoos and other establishments, from acquiring new elephants or apes, excepts for reasons of welfare or conservation.

The legislation, called the Jane Goodall Act, also would ban the use of both species for entertainment, including elephant rides.

Currently, there are 33 great apes in captivity in this country, including 9 chimpanzees, 18 gorillas and six orangutans, according to figures compiled by Sinclair. In addition, more than 20 elephants live in captivity in Canada, with 16 of them at the Ontario-based African Lion Safari.

In January, 2019, Zoomer had the honour of sitting down with  Dr. Goodall, in Toronto. Here, we chat about the obstacles she faced early in her career as well as the issues she cares about most: sustainable tourism, sport hunting – and the best way to inspire conservationist action around the world.