Your Guide to Cannabis Beverages for the Holiday Season — 7 Unexpected Ways to Celebrate This Year

How times have changed! The holidays are going to look highly unusual this year, and we’ll be celebrating the festive season in unexpected ways. So why not sip into something different too? Cannabis beverages are a twist on the old normal and the perfect toast to 2021. Here’s how you can create new traditions with these pandemic-friendly ideas for gathering with adult family and friends.

Sip Into Something Different

Cannabis beverages are a new adult beverage option just in time for the holiday season. One entrant in this new category is Truss, backed by 150 years of beverage experience from their Molson Coors partners. Truss has crafted a unique portfolio of cannabis beverages, focusing on great tastes with new, unexpected flavour stories. Not only are they beautiful, they’re easy to serve and consume in single portions. With surprising hints of naturally sourced flavours and botanicals, Truss beverages are a great way to explore cannabis.

Unlike traditional edibles, many new cannabis beverage products are made with a technology that allows for the cannabis to become tiny water-soluble droplets, which can be absorbed by the body more efficiently. Health Canada advises that you can start to feel the effects of edibles in as little as 30-120 minutes, but some may experience it faster.

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are cannabinoids or chemical substances in cannabis. While THC is responsible for the way your brain and body respond to cannabis (including the high and intoxication), CBD does not produce a high or intoxication.

Truss crafts their cannabis beverages in 4 potency (or strength) ranges:

  • CBD (15 mg CBD, 0.5 mg of THC)
  • Low (2.5 mg of CBD, 2.5 mg of THC)
  • Medium (5 mg of CBD, 5 mg of THC)
  • High (10 mg of THC)

Although the amounts of THC and CBD are controlled in these new beverage products, everyone’s experience with cannabis is personal, so it’s suggested to start with a low dose over a longer period of time and adjust as you feel necessary. And you should never mix cannabis beverages and alcohol. Now onto the extraordinary ways to celebrate:

1.      Terpene-Tasting Open House

Schedule times for friends of legal age to pop over on the porch or patio for terpene tasting. Food and drink connoisseurs will likely appreciate House of Terpenes, a range of medium-potency sparkling tonics that celebrate the aromatic essential oils of the cannabis plant. Limonene is bright and citrusy with notes of lemon, tangerine and thyme. Myrcene features earthy hints of clove and spice — all the right flavours of the season. All of these flavours are sourced from botanicals.

2.      Fireside Chillin’

Baby, it’s cold outside but the fire is so delightful. Have you ever actually roasted chestnuts on an open fire? Throw some logs on and unwind with a couple of friends and some Mollo. Crisp with an easy-drinking taste, Mollo is a reminder to take a pause and be in the moment. They’re available in low (Mollo 2.5) and medium (Mollo 5) potencies.

3.      Après-Holiday Hiking

Craving an uplifting wellness hike for your mind, body and soul this stressful season? Invite a friend to go walking in a winter wonderland. Post-hike, unpop the refreshing flavours of VeryVell sparkling waters. These lightly carbonated, CBD-dominant sparkling waters come in 2 delicate flavours: Strawberry Hibiscus and Sicilian Lemon. Ideal just after a stroll — simply unpop and enjoy.

(Psst! For those of legal age who love unusual surprises, Truss cannabis beverages make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer – Just keep those stockings out of reach of children and pets!)

4.      Social Distan-Sing Tea Party

Tired of silent nights? Arrange a cybercarolling session via video call. Build your song list and send it to friends in advance. Wet your whistles with a delicious, low-potency Veryvell Lemon Black Iced Tea and sing to your heart’s content.

5.      Merry Movie Night

The weather outside is frightful… so throw a holiday flick night on your favourite streaming platform! Watch together online and group chat at the same time, wherever you all are. Share the oldies or laugh it out with cult classics. Just pop some corn and make it a Mollo.

6.      Sparkling Soirée

Come gather ‘round the tablet for a virtual shindig. Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or ringing in the near year, decorate, dine and dance it out. Give your party a theme, like Flattening the Curve Ball or Midnight Mask-erade, and get dressed up for the occasion. What better way to celebrate than with something bubbly?

Little Victory is a line of vibrant, lower-potency sparkling beverages in 4 divine flavours. Turn bitter into sweet with Dry Grapefruit or Dry Lemon, which have a slight tannic mouthfeel — or opt for Dark Cherry or Blood Orange, which burst with flavour. And cheers to the start of delicious new traditions!

Start Your Holiday Shopping!

Ready to stock up and knock beverage shopping off your to-do list? First, stop looking at the liquor store! You may be surprised to learn that, in most provinces, you can’t buy cannabis beverages at liquor stores. Cannabis beverages are sold at authorized cannabis retailers or you can shop online at provincial wholesalers.

Consider shopping local this holiday season and supporting your neighbourhood authorized cannabis retailer. The best part about dedicated retailers is that they employ experts — budtenders — who focus on cannabis products. They can help guide you through cannabinoids and terpenes to find the tastes and potencies suitable for your out-of-the-ordinary holiday happenings. Many retailers also provide helpful product information on their websites and the ability to reserve curbside pickup. Easy peasy!

Refresh the Wonder of the Holidays

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