It's In You to Fight Cancer

    If you or a loved one is facing a cancer diagnosis, we want you to know: 


    Download this list of key questions to ask your doctor to ensure treatment decisions are right for you, considering your cancer situation and overall health but also your personal values and life goals.   One of the best ways to fight cancer is with information to help you prevent this disease, discover it as quickly as possible if it does occur and to then know about your treatment options so you can work with your doctor to make the choices that are best for you. This ZOOMER web resource has been created so that you can learn more about cancer and cancer care, and also understand the challenges facing our health system so that we can all get the best possible care if we need it. The page has been updated with all-new content that keeps on top of the latest developments in cancer care and treatment. New resources include:  And join CARP’s upcoming webinars on cancer care: Previously on “It’s In You To Fight Cancer” ... If you missed them before, or just want to review, here are articles previously presented on “It’s In You To Fight Cancer” You can also learn more by listening to previous TV and radio ZOOMER shows, here: 
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